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Mitch Loftin, O.D.


Clemson University: BS Textile Chemistry

University of Alabama School of Optometry

Specialty / expertise

I worked with keratoconic and corneal graft patients for over a decade(1995-2007) as an assistant professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Missouri/ Dep of Ophthalmology. The research was in corneal topography and the limitations of placido disc optics as well as unusual topographies of irregular corneas.

When did you know that you wanted to be an optometrist?

My Junior year of undergraduate at Clemson

Favorite part of being an optometrist

Getting to know my patients and forming quality relationships that last for years.

Favorite vacation

The beach!

Favorite concert you’ve been to 

My favorite concert I attended was in 1988, with Mylon Lefevre and the Broken Heart Band

Do you have any pets?

Nope. But I love dogs, my favorites are Collies, Australian Sheep Dogs and Golden Retrievers.

Fun fact

I am a published author. My first novel was published last year 2019 is entitled Goyim and is a Christian Science fiction novel. I am the father of 6 beautiful and brilliant homeschooled and grown children. Clemson university is my team and I am a huge tiger fan. My family is originally from Charlotte but I grew up in Easley and South Carolina is God's country and the place I shall always call home. I look forward to one day soon returning to part time Christian medical mission work, which I was very active in, in my twenties.