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Vision Therapy For Adults

Not just for schoolchildren, in-office vision therapy is an effective treatment option for all ages!

One big misconception is that only children benefit from vision therapy.  But, vision therapy can treat patients of ALL ages. One of our patients who was experiencing double vision after a fall was 86 on her vision therapy graduation day!  There is not an age limit on reaching your visual potential!

We treat many adults who struggle in the workplace due to eyestrain, poor visual tracking and slow visual processing.  We help those who are suffering from post-concussion syndrome after a sports injury or motor vehicle accident. We can also improve the quality of life for those who are trying to regain their independence after a stroke.

In fact, we often tell adults who are considering the course that they have the best opportunity for success.  Adults tend to be more committed to the program, because it is THEIR time and THEIR money. Many also enjoy learning about how powerful their brains are during the training process.  We love being a part of someone’s journey to success at work, healing after a concussion and regaining some independence after a stroke. 

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Testimonial - Evelyn U.

On July 25, 2016, I fell onto the side of my face onto my driveway.  The result was that I heard a very loud CRACK and found that I had crushed my right ocular bone.  It’s known as an “Orbital Blowout Fracture”.  What a horrifying surprise, but, amazingly, not really painful.  Nothing could be done to help me at the ER.  But from then on, I had double vision making reading, driving, etc  extremely difficult.  Of course the side of my face and my eye were very bruised!


After surgery at Duke to replace the orbital bone with a piece of titanium, I asked the surgeon if it was possible for me to do exercises to get rid of my double vision.  He said with great assurance, “NO!”  Only prisms in new lenses were somewhat helpful.


So, for 2 1/2 years I suffered with double vision.   Sometimes I closed one eye to be able to read, look at friends, or drive.  I rigged up a pair of glasses by covering one lens with a piece of black paper, kiddingly saying that I was masquerading as a pirate.


A friend suggested that I go to Triangle Visions Optometry to have new glasses made.  While there, I inquired about the possibility of exercises helping my double vision,  Much to my delight, I was told that a doctor there specializes in that!!  I have been working with Dr. Miller or her therapist and performing exercises faithfully at home.  Double vision is no longer a problem!! In just a few weeks, I’ll graduate!  How thankful and grateful I am!!!


What a shame that more patients and Doctors don’t know that help for double vision is available.  If I hadn’t inquired at Triangle Visions, I never would have known myself.  

Testimonial - M. Lawson

Triangle Visions Optometry of Raleigh is amazing! I go there for my yearly eye appointments and I recently went for vision therapy. The staff is welcoming, friendly, and always took great care of me. Dr. Miller helped me realize that vision therapy could help my eyes significantly. My vision therapists Laura and Alice were a joy to work with. They made vision therapy a fun experience while making sure I was training my eyes correctly. I highly recommend Triangle Visions Optometry of Raleigh!

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