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Common Eye Conditions

Find the right treatment for your eye condition.

Eye conditions can come on suddenly or result from aging, illness, or injury. They may include changes to the comfort of your eyes or the way you see the world.

It is important to understand the underlying cause for changes to your eye health and take appropriate steps to prevent long-term damage to your eyesight. Triangle Visions Optometry optometrists will use the most advanced technology to identify and treat these eye conditions.


Cataracts cloud the eye's lens, progressively blurring or dimming vision. It is the world's leading cause of visual impairment and among the most common conditions related to aging. Your optometrists can detect cataracts during a comprehensive eye exam and will help you choose a treatment that’s right for you.


Common and stubborn to treat, blepharitis is a general term for inflammation of the eyelid and eyelashes. It may cause your eyelids to be inflamed and your eyes to be watery and uncomfortable. Causes range from skin conditions and allergic reactions, to blocked oil glands or bacterial infections. Only a trained eye doctor can uncover the underlying cause and and suggest treatment to provide relief.


Commonly known as “crossed eyes,” strabismus is a disorder in which both eyes do not line up in the same direction. Strabismus is usually diagnosed during childhood and affects about four percent of children. Your Triangle Visions Optometry optometrist can prescribe comprehensive treatment plans to straighten the eyes and improve vision.

Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye is characterized by a breakdown in the quantity or quality of tears to moisten, cleanse and protect the eyes. Without proper tearing, the eyes may feel "gritty" or burn and can be more sensitive to light. In extreme cases, vision can be blurred. Proper treatment will not only provide relief, it will also protect your eyes.

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